Pokemon GO PokeSnipe2 Download (Latest version)

PoleSnipe2 download


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About PokeSnipe2:

PokeSnipe let’s you catch any Pokemon without doing anything! You don’t even need a Android emulator on your computer! Only the PokeSnipe file!


  • Automatically catch any Pokemon!
  • You catch manually catch it too!
  • Works for Windows & Mac
  • Completely free
  • Easy to use
  • You can’t get banned!


PokeSniper2 one.8
Fixed API rate downside. fastened autosniping Farfetch’d and adult male.Mime. supplemental settings <ShowUsernameInTitle> and <CatchEverything> for the autosniper.

PokeSniper2 one.7
Can currently opt for that Pokemon to catch supported catch list, minimum CP, minimum IV. supplemental work. Bugfixes.

PokeSniper2 one.6
Automatic sniping of Pokemon on http://pokesnipers.com/

PokeSniper2 one.5
Checks for common pitfalls.

PokeSniper2 one.4
Now supports wildcard * or Missingno as Pokemon to look, to merely catch everything. additionally a much better message once the Pokemon fled.

PokeSniper2 one.3
Adjusted some delays to stop softbans and higher error handling

PokeSniper2 one.2
Slow and steady wins the race.

PokeSniper2 one.1
PokeSniper2 can currently tell if you’re softbanned.


About Pokemon Go:

ven the foremost inveterate “Pokémon GO” players crave tips and tricks to assist them cheat and level up.

And no, we do not mean the artistic quite cheating, like robust your phone to your dog or a drone till the eggs you’ve got collected hatch.

The problem is, there is a ton of info out there that may be stearing you off beam as you urgently attempt to reach level thirty.

No, your friend’s friend did not catch a Legendary Pokémon. And no, there’s no mathematical calculation to work out what those footprints mean in your near  menu. Sorry! we tend to want there was even as very much like you are doing.
he most vital issue you’ll be able to kill “Pokémon GO” is level up your Trainer. the upper the amount you’re, the higher Pokémon you will find. they will have higher CP and HP, and so they will be additional capable of about to gyms and winning in battle while not you having to power them up.

So, however does one get there quickly? Be usage your duplicates. Pokémon like Rattata and Pidgey and Weedle — Pokémon that you simply run into often, that price only a few candy to evolve. Evolving Pokémon offers you a fat payout of five hundred XP. You see wherever i am going with this?

Every time you collect a Pidgey or a Weedle or no matter else, you get many candy. once you evolve them, you’ll be able to then transfer them to prof Willow for a bonus candy, so enabling  more evolution.

Enjoy PokeSnipe2!

Pokemon GO PokeSnipe2 Download (Latest version)
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